Tour to Indonesia: The Best Nature Tour Packages in Indonesia That Are Enchanting and Amazing

Explorer Tour Indonesia will never end. Each island in Indonesia offers a different charm. By visiting 2 or 3 islands, you cannot claim to have experienced Indonesian tourism up close.

By joining the Indonesia Tour package, you will be invited to feel closer to the charm and attractiveness of every destination in the country.

So, which tourist destination will be your main destination? It may be difficult for you to determine which tourist destinations to visit first.

However, you can depart from the closest destination to your city.

Moreover, you can take an Indonesian package that includes 2 or more main tourist destinations, especially if the distance is not that far.

Want to enjoy Tour Indonesia with a certain theme? Don’t worry, you can explore the archipelago according to the desired theme, such as nature tourism, underwater tourism, mountain tourism, cultural and religious tourism, and adventure tourism.

You’ll never run out of ideas and you’ll never run out of places to visit. Here are some options for you:

Tour Indonesia: The Best Nature Tour Packages in Indonesia

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia’s natural charm is no longer in doubt. However, there are a number of natural tourist destinations that manage to attract thousands and even millions of local and foreign tourists every year.

In the following destinations you can enjoy the natural beauty of the land and the enchanting underwater world. Among them:

Derawan Island

The name of this island may not be as popular as the island of Bali or the island of Lombok. However, Derawan Island has a blend of natural beauty, underwater beauty and local cultural heritage. When visiting Derawan Island, try to explore the underwater charm of Kabakan Island by snorkeling.

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You can feel the sensation of swimming surrounded by beautiful jellyfish. Another favorite spot is around Maratua Island which is famous for its stunning snorkeling spots.

Challenge your adrenaline by diving in Goa Haji Mangku and Goa Bawah Laut, also known as the Blue Light Cave. This object is the target of divers and snorkelers around the world.

Imagine what it would be like to dive into a cave under the sea! Always less demanding? Try diving at Shark Point. As the name suggests, at this stage a shark is usually seen. Wow!!!

Another uniqueness of Derawan Island is accommodation which is usually above the sea, it’s a shame if you don’t try to stay at a floating hotel that is available in several places.

It’s a shame to miss some of these lakes, especially for those of you who like to challenge yourself to dive. Call it Haji Buang Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake and Tanah Bamban Lake.

Komodo Island

Here you can meet the giant reptile which is one of the icons of Tour Indonesia. Komodo is a protected animal and also the pride of Indonesia, because only Indonesia has this giant reptile species. Komodo Island Tourism actually consists of 3 islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island.

However, if you want to see this giant reptile in person and up close, come to Rinca Island. Besides seeing the life of these animals in their natural habitat, you can also explore the natural beauty of these 3 islands.

Seribu Island

The tourism industry in the Thousand Islands has grown rapidly in recent years, with people now preferring more natural and quieter tourist destinations. The rows of islands in the Thousand Islands offer undeniable charm. If you want to explore the beauty of the islands as well as the underwater beauty, then Pulau Seribu can be your next destination.

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You can choose an organized trip to an inhabited island, a private island or a resort island.

Tidung Island, Harapan Island, Pramuka Island, Ayer Island, Putri Island, etc. may be included in the 1000 Island tour package that you take. Moreover, the Thousand Islands tourism becomes an idol for those of you who like snorkeling, diving and camping.

There are a number of snorkeling and diving spots that are idols for domestic and foreign divers. Another activity that is a pity to miss when visiting the Thousand Islands is island hopping, which is visiting several islands in one exploration using a traditional wooden boat.

Bangka Belitung

As the name implies, this destination consists of two large islands, namely Bangka Island and Belitung Island. Tourism in this area has been growing since the shooting of the film Laskar Pelangi in Bangka Belitung. In fact, there are two tourist themes that you can combine when visiting Bangka Belitung.

First of all, as an archipelagic country, Bangka Belitung offers beautiful natural scenery, with several famous beaches, such as Parai Tenggiri beach.

Second, and this is the uniqueness of Bangka Belitung, namely its territory which is a former tin mining area. “Traces” of mining history can be seen in several places and become a tourist attraction in Bangka Belitung.

Among them is Kaolin Lake which is known to be the most Instagramable for mining trail themes. The ideal time to visit this lake is in the afternoon before sunset.

Raja Ampat

Believe it or not, Western tourists like Sumatra are willing to come all the way to Papua just to see for themselves the beauty of Raja Ampat which has even been recognized by the world. Raja Ampat is known as a paradise for local and international snorkelers and divers.

There are about 1,500 small islands surrounding the four main islands of Raja Ampat, namely the Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool Islands. You can imagine for yourself the underwater charm that tourists can enjoy when visiting these islands.

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In Raja Ampat, you won’t find skyscrapers, but a panoramic view of green and blue that is soothing to the eyes. As you explore the underwater world, you will be mesmerized by its beauty and biodiversity.

According to reports, Raja Ampat is home to thousands of fish species, five hundred types of coral reefs, 700 species of mollusks, 57 species of mantis shrimp, dozens of other mammal species and even 5 endangered species.

Labuan Bajo

If you have enough time, you can take an Indonesia tour that combines Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo tour packages, because these two popular destinations are in one area.

Labuan Bajo tourism presents a mix of more complex destinations, ranging from Padar Island which is known to offer stunning and exotic blue sea views to the unique and beautiful Pink Beach.

Besides enjoying the unique nature that produces pink sand, you can also explore the underwater world. After that, you will visit Komodo Island and see giant lizard species that live in their natural habitat.

there are many more places that must be visited in Indonesia if you travel to this country because each province has its own uniqueness and culture, so you will find a lot of knowledge and understand new things that exist in every corner of the province in Indonesia.

In addition to some of the attractions above, there are still several other attractions that can be visited, depending on the length of the Bali tour package you take. please choose a Bali Tour that suits your interests. Also, if you book tickets in advance, we will help you enjoy Cheap Bali Tours.