Beauty Tourism on Bumi Jakarta Island of a Thousand Culture Tourism

Pulau Seribu or Pulau Seribu is a hidden beauty in the land of Jakarta. As the name suggests, this archipelago is a group of small islands in Jakarta Bay. Each offers a different beauty and natural charm.

So why not see for yourself the beauty of the Java Sea before visiting other islands that are tourist destinations in the archipelago? If you are a lover of unspoiled and enchanting natural beauty, underwater life and serenity when spending your free time, then you will not regret choosing Kep Seribu as your tourist destination.

Here, you will appreciate the natural charm that you will not find anywhere else. This beautiful group of islands offers a history of its own.

Why Choose Thousand Islands Tour?

You don’t need a special reason to travel somewhere, do you? As long as you can enjoy your free time in an unforgettable way, it is a real tourist destination. Well, Pulau Seribu is an example. You don’t need special weather to vacation on these islands. A break of 2 days, such as a weekend or joint leave is enough to enjoy the charm of the thousand islands.

which can be reached in many ways, from using a ferry to a speedboat. Because the distance is close to Jakarta, the travel time is quite short, so you will not be bored during the trip. In addition, there are several other attractions that could be a reason to come to this beautiful island:

Multiple purposes
Once you arrive at the Thousand Islands, you will see and feel for yourself that your vacation time will never be enough to enjoy the beauty of this area. There are so many islands that you can explore, such as Untung Jawa Island, Tidung Besar Island and Tidung Kecil Island, Pari Island, Pramuka Island, Tiger Island, Harapan, Bidadari Island, Kelapa Island, etc.In total there are 12 islands that you can visit in the Thousand Islands.

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Each island has its own theme. So you will enjoy different charms with different themes, ranging from natural scenery, historical heritage, science, fishing, water sports, sightseeing, family reunions, sunsets and sunrises, etc.

Very profitable

No need to save years to cash in on a Thousand Islands vacation. You and your family can enjoy a budget vacation without spending too much. Why?No need to pay for a PP flight ticket. Transportation to the Thousand Islands is enough by ferry or speedboat

  • No need to rent a 5-star hotel, a trip to the thousand islands brings you closer to nature and people. Many homestays are available for rent, of course with standard facilities such as AC or fan, bed, bathroom, etc.
  • No need to spend a special budget to enter an expensive arena. Thousand Islands tour usually include standard water sports equipment rental. Thus, you only need to prepare money for your personal needs.
  • The supporting facilities are quite complete, such as health facilities, ATMs, places of worship, etc.

Things to do in the Thousand Islands

The area, whose full name is the Thousand Islands Marine National Park, is a group of islands that includes a tourism and conservation area. So you can imagine the many activities that tourists can enjoy here, from scientific tourism to conservation areas to visiting 12 charming tourist islands. Choice of tourist attractions in the Thousand Islands:

Tidung Island

As an archipelagic country, of course, our homeland is rich in marine tourism destinations with stunning coastal views along its long coastline.

For those of you who live in and around the capital, there is no need to fly to the island of Bali or Lombok because near Jakarta there are the Thousand Islands with its tourist icon, the famous Tidung Island.

The largest island, which is the most densely populated of a group of small islands in the Thousand Islands region, is very crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. Not only local tourists but also foreign tourists are also busy visiting this place.

Why go on vacation to Tidung Island?

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Although not as famous as the island of Bali, this area is actually sufficient for those of you who need a vitamin sea to relax due to a pile of workloads. In addition to offering the beauty of an extraordinary natural panorama, this island is perfect for those of you who want to travel comfortably. Why is that? Check out the following reviews.

Tidung Island presents a beautiful and exotic natural beach panorama with a typical tropical beach atmosphere that always attracts foreign tourists. The type of beach in this tourist destination is soft white sand.

Not only does it offer the beauty of the sea surface, but the underwater scenery of this island is also very extraordinary, so that diving spots around the island are sought after by diving and snorkeling lovers.

This is the right place for those of you who intend to have an unforgettable vacation experience chatting with fish, seeing up close the beautiful colorful coral reefs that were formed from time immemorial and documenting the scenery with underwater photos.

So get your snorkel, fins and life jacket ready right away. If you don’t have it, that’s okay because around the beach there are many providers of snorkeling and diving equipment rental services.

Love Bridge – This bridge is one of the most popular tourist icons in the Tidung Island area. This 800m long bridge was once made of wood and served as a link between Tidung Besar Island and Tidung Kecil Island.

Now this bridge has been renovated so that it becomes stronger. In addition to waiting for sunrise and sunset times, this bridge also has a section that is designated as a place for adrenaline testing.

It is an exciting activity on Tidung Island where tourists with big guts plunge directly into the sea on this bridge from a height of about 6 meters. The Bridge of Love looks quite unique because there is a semicircular section painted red.

It is said that that’s why this bridge is called the Bridge of Love. This place is in great demand by visitors to take pictures, including brides and grooms who do pre-wedding photo shoots.

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Tidung Island Thousand Islands Tour Jakarta

Tidung Island is a tropical island that has extraordinary beauty both above and in the sea, namely above sea or land, this island holds a beauty that you never imagined before. The beauty of the charm of this island is even very romantic.

White sandy beaches and clear turquoise water are just a small part of what Tidung Island Tour has to offer. This island reflects the true beauty of paradise. Moreover, the location is close to Jakarta. Surely you have your own reasons for coming here.

Tidung Island is divided into two islands called Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil which are connected by a Love Bridge that curves in the middle.

This bridge even has its own myth which says that if someone jumps from the middle or the curved part of the bridge 7 times, then after returning from Tidung Island Tour, he will have a loyal companion. Whether it’s true or not, what is clear is that this bridge is interesting.

From this bridge, you can walk to Tidung Kecil Island. Through the bridge, you can also observe coral formations and fish under the sea from the surface. Yes, because the water is very clear, from this Love Bridge you can see the seabed, moreover the water is also calm.

Therefore, many tourists do snorkeling near this love bridge. You can rent snorkeling equipment if you want or play water games near this bridge. You can also do scuba diving near the Love Bridge.

You can snorkel and dive at Tidung Island Tour, both in other areas and in areas near the bridge of love. Of course diving in deeper places while snorkeling is shallower. You will not be disappointed when you feel the underwater beauty of Tidung Island.

In fact, you will immediately fall in love. Therefore, be sure to visit and pass the Bridge of Love during your trip to Tidung Island.