Pramuka Island is one of the islands as well as the district capital in the Thousand Islands group. This island is the capital of the Thousand Islands Regency.

Not sure where to spend that long vacation? You can imagine how crowded tourist destinations such as the island of Bali or Puncak Bogor are during the holidays. So how are you going to enjoy an unforgettable vacation if most of your time is spent traveling? So why not consider a more convenient alternative travel destination? One option is Pari Island which is located in the Thousand Islands.

Why vacation on the Ile de Pari?
Among the many tourist destinations in Jakarta, why choose Pari Island? Of course, you don’t have to choose this tourist spot. It’s just that if you want a tourist destination that is comfortable and not crowded, the Thousand Islands is an option worth considering. There are many benefits that you can take advantage of, including:

Tourism on Pari Island can be an option for a long vacation or weekend. This island is still in the DKI Jakarta area, precisely in the Thousand Islands. It doesn’t take a few days to arrive at your destination, you only need 1 to 4 hours of travel, depending on the selected sea transportation mode.

  • By ferry, travel time is 2 to 4 hours
  • By speedboat, travel time is 1 to 1 hour 20 minutes

What can you do on Pari Island?

This is the key question, “What can you do as a tourist on Pari Island?” Here are some answers:

  • This is an important tourist activity for lovers of underwater tourism. You can enjoy the amazing and unspoiled underwater scenery. Enjoy the beauty of playing with beautiful little fish. The beach waves on Pari Island are not too high, so it is safe for snorkeling activities
  • For those of you who visit with your beloved family, water sports on unspoiled sandy beaches are unforgettable memories. A number of water sports facilities, such as banana boats, canoes, flying fish, or jet skis are available here. Visitors who come in groups can also play beach volleyball in the afternoon.
  • Many tourists who deliberately come to Pari Island for fishing. Why not give it a try too? You can use a tour guide to find the best fishing spots and prepare the necessary fishing equipment.
  • Enjoy the sunset/sunrise. It’s not complete vacation in P. Pari until you manage to capture the best spots in the form of photos or videos. The northern part of the island is the perfect place to capture special moments against the backdrop of a sunset or sunrise.
  • Barbecue night. One more tourist activity that is a pity to miss when you visit this island. There are so many types of fish on Pulau Seribu to enjoy with family and friends. Among them are tuna, mackerel, baronang, cob and others.
  • Outing or family reunion. This activity is suitable for those of you who visit with extended family or business. Outgoing installation is available here.
  • Island tour. Take care of your health during the holidays, why not? You can explore Pulo Pari by bicycle. Cycling on the beach in the afternoon or around residential areas by the beach is also a fairly popular activity on this island.
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So you don’t need to go to the island of Bali to enjoy exotic beach views, because DKI Jakarta is also available. Ile de Pari is one of the favorite destinations in the Thousand Islands, because of its stunning scenery, pristine white sand and marine life that is still preserved.

One of the islands that must be visited by tourists in the Thousand Islands is Pramuka Island. This island is the administrative center of the Thousand Islands government. So you can imagine the most complete public facilities and infrastructure as well as tourism support are here. Therefore, many tourists choose Pramuka Island as a place to stay.

Why is Pramuka Island the destination of choice?

Pramuka Island has a number of advantages over the other ten inhabited islands in the Thousand Islands administrative area. Apart from being the capital of the Regency, there are several advantages that tourists can enjoy on this island:

Close to other favorite tourist islands

Among them are Pangang, Semak Daun Island, Karya Island and Air Island. These three islands also offer beauty that is no less enchanting. With just one organized trip, visitors can get a different holiday experience. Some islands are uninhabited, such as Pulau Semak Daun and Pulau Karya. So you can enjoy the pristine natural scenery.

Educational tours for families

Pramuka Island is the right choice for a family vacation. Take your children to enjoy a quality and meaningful family vacation. On Pramuka Island, there are educational tourism destinations. Here you can visit the side turtle breeding, a rare animal that only exists in Indonesia.

You and your family can see for yourself a hawksbill turtle that you’ve never seen before.
Another educational tourist attraction is the existence of a shark captivity. Many visitors deliberately come to this island to see the shark conservation area.

Of course, you also can’t miss the experience of seeing sharks playing in their natural habitat.

Many choices of activities

Apart from visiting the Hawksbill Turtle Hatchery, there are many choices of activities that you can enjoy on Pramuka Island. Among them are very beautiful snorkeling spots. Diving equipment rentals are easy to find here. You can also cycle around the island to see the life of the locals up close.

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The next family vacation activities are water sports, banana boats, canoes, fishing, donut boats, selfie photos with beautiful beach backgrounds, jet skis or just enjoying the sunset and sunrise. Snorkeling and diving on Pramuka Island and the small islands around it are very safe because there are almost no waves. Thus, you and your beloved children can enjoy the underwater scenery calmly and without worry.

Local Attractions

Pramuka Island has a village called Panggang Island. This village is inhabited by a mixture of several ethnic groups that describe the cultural diversity of the archipelago. Visitors can see up close the lives of the Betawi, Banten, Bugis and Madurese ethnic communities who have united in this village.

Many accommodation options

On this island there are a number of accommodation facilities in the form of a well-maintained homestay with complete facilities such as mineral water/Aqua gallons, AC/AC, television, comfortable bed, bathroom, etc. Thus, visitors can get comfortable accommodation and are in the best location.

This tour is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated and the accommodation tools are complete so it’s not difficult to find transportation to travel on this thousand islands scout island.

Snorkeling and Diving at Pramuka Island

Pramuka Island being one of the most populous islands and the center of government is certainly not without reason. This island offers undeniable natural beauty. The water is clear, creating a turquoise gradient. Below sea level there are clusters of beautiful coral reefs, as well as various types of fish that add to the charm of the beauty of the underwater world.

There are several activities and attractions that are a shame if you don’t use them when visiting Pramuka Island. Among them are snorkeling and scuba diving. Both of these activities are allowed to be carried out by tourists around Pramuka Island.

This shows that the water is always clear and free from pollution from the capital city of Jakarta. Pramuka Island is located in the northern region of the Thousand Islands. The location is quite far from the capital city of Jakarta. So don’t be surprised if the nature is still natural and the waters around it are still free of pollution, making it safe for snorkeling and diving activities.

Hawksbill turtle breeding

This rare turtle species is a protected animal. Take some time to see for yourself how this rare turtle lives and breeds. Another activity that is often included in the Pramuka Island tourism agenda is the release of adult turtles into the open sea. Rare turtles that have been reared are then released back into the sea after they are considered mature enough to survive on the high seas.

Fish catching

Because the waters are still awake, various types of fish can also be found in the waters around Pramuka Island in the Thousand Islands. No wonder fishing is one of the favorite activities of tourists on this island. You can install fishing rods around the pier. However, if you want to find a more varied type of fish, try renting wood from local fishermen to get to fishing spots around the island.

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Although it is the center of government, the area of Pramuka Island is not too wide. You can explore it by bicycle in about 1 hour. It’s nice to be able to get a closer look at local people’s lives while doing physical exercises by pedaling a bicycle. You can do this island cruise activity in the morning as a substitute for sports or in the afternoon while enjoying the twilight atmosphere in the Thousand Islands.

Great photo hunt

If you like looking for Instagrammable sites in all tourist destinations, don’t forget to bring high-resolution photos of Pramuka Island. Decorate your Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp feed or story with the beautiful photos you take along the way. The natural scenery of this island is a very good photo background. Moreover, there are several photo spots that are deliberately prepared by the government or local residents for tourists.

Island jump

This is one of the activities that are usually included in the Thousand Islands tour package including Pramuka Island. Of course it’s more fun if you can see two, three or more islands in one visit. On Pramuka Island, you can do island hopping to small islands around it, such as Semak Daun Island, Air Island, Gosong Patrick Island, etc. However, if you want to see another inhabited island, try arranging a trip that includes a visit to Panggang Island.

Panggang Island Tour

an inhabited island which can be reached with a distance of about 15 minutes from Pramuka Island. That said, it is the most populous island in the Thousand Islands. Here there is a place to store local products, such as ornamental fish caught by fishermen and coral.

These marine products are released as export products. Panggang Island also has facilities for rearing tiger grouper, milkfish and rat grouper which are also exported. Thus, a visit to Panggang Island will enrich your insight into the economic lifeblood of the Thousand Islands.

Spot named APL (Marine Conservation Area)

which is one of the idols of snorkelers and divers, because of its beautiful fish and well-maintained coral reefs. Do you like the challenge of entering a coral reef area that is quite wide with a narrow gap? Try it around APL.

Bush leaf island

Another favorite spot is the waters around Semak Daun Island, a small uninhabited island adjacent to Pramuka Island. To reach this snorkeling spot, you and your group can rent a wooden boat belonging to local residents

Water island

which is also a small island with no inhabitants. This small island is often used by backpackers as a camping area and is a favorite for divers.