Pulau Harapan, the Thousand Islands, Jakarta, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia

The Thousand Islands is truly a place of paradise. Many islands stretch out with beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise water with underwater scenery that resembles heaven or the animated universe of Nemo movie because of the very beautiful coral reefs. Yes, when it comes to the natural beauty of the Thousand Islands region, it seems endless, including extraordinary snorkeling spots, one of which is Harapan Island.

Besides Tidung Island, Pramuka Island or Pari Island, this tourist island which is also inhabited can be an alternative beach destination for you and your friends or family. Located about 60 km from Jakarta, this island certainly offers unspoiled natural beauty and is suitable for visitors who want to escape for a moment from the bustle of the capital city. You will never regret visiting this island. In fact, it’s no surprise that you want to come back again and again.

Hope Island, Thousand Island Jakarta

The Thousand Islands is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. For those of you who live in the Jakarta area and surrounding cities, you must be familiar with this one tourist spot. The Jakarta District area is an area consisting of hundreds of beautiful and beautiful small islands.

Then some of the islands in the cluster are also known to be beautiful and interesting to visit. The Thousand Islands itself is also a place that holds a lot of history from the past that will never be forgotten, especially by the local community. No exception also with every small island that exists. Harapan Island is one of the Thousand Islands Archipelago which has a unique history.

Hope Island at a Glance

This island consists of 3 RW and is the center of government which oversees 30 islands. Most of the residents of the tourist island of Harpan are not native Betawi people, but Javanese, Banten, Mandar and Bugis. The majority of the population is Muslim and works as a fisherman. But now the profession of local residents began to diversify with the development of tourism on the island.

Due to the management of the population-based tourism sector, many holiday facilities are provided by the community independently, such as accommodation with a homestay concept, rental of equipment and boats for snorkeling, restaurants, travel agents, etc. The growing interest in this island as a tourist destination, the population’s economy is also increasing from the tourism sector.

A Brief History of Hope Island

This island was formerly called Lancer Island because it became a destination for relocation and transmigration. Land ownership in this area is customary land and belongs to the local government. For island area status, it is now part of the Thousand Islands National Park (TNKS).

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Transportation facilities on this island are supported by paving blocks and reclaimed concrete roads that connect Kelapa and Harapan Islands. Visitors can also get around the island on foot or by bicycle on the 1 meter wide asphalt road built around the island. By walking for 10-20 minutes you can see the whole island.

Hope Island Information

Harapan Island is part of Harapan Island Village, Thousand Islands District, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. The island, which was once dubbed Pulau Lempar, is the administrative center of the Pulau Harapan village, which oversees 30 other island groups. This island area is also included in the Thousand Islands Marine National Park area, and the ownership status of the island’s land belongs to the local government and customary land.

Harapan Island is a populated island which has an area of ​​about 6.7 hectares and is densely populated with island settlements. The number of people living on Harapan Island is around 2,205 people or 427 families. Around this island there are still many other small islands that are uninhabited but can be visited. Meanwhile, one of the small inhabited islands near Harapan Island is Kelapa Island.

On Harapan Island, the majority of the population are immigrants from Kelapa Island and also from other islands in the Thousand Islands. They come from various tribes such as the Bugis, Javanese, Mandar tribes and also the Betawi tribe.

The religion of the people of Harapan Island is Islam and the livelihood of the majority of the population is fishing and farming. Meanwhile, a small number of others become entrepreneurs of places to eat or stay which are already widely available on Harapan Island. On this island there are also several organizations whose citizens participate, such as Karang Taruna, PKK, and also Kube (Joint Business Group).

In addition, on this island, many facilities and infrastructure have been built to support the activities of the people of Harapan Island. For example, for government activities, the Lurah office and official residence were built.

Then Puskesmas, mosques, elementary schools, piers, paing block roads, police stations, as well as drinking water sources from wells that use reverse osmosis (RO) were built so that the water does not feel brackish. In addition, residents’ water sources are usually obtained from rainwater which is then stored in water towers in each resident’s house.

If you look at the coastal biological resources owned by Harapan Island, these biological resources are coral reefs. In addition, there are also many mangrove plants, most of which are deliberately planted around the island by local residents.

The beach sand itself can be said to be brownish white with beautiful sea water colors because it consists of several different color gradations. Then around Harapan Island there are also many small islands such as Pulau Gosong and several other uninhabited islands which have white sand beaches and very beautiful oceans. This beauty and uniqueness makes Harapan Island as one of the Thousand Islands which has good potential in the tourism sector.

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In addition, due to its close location and to facilitate road access from Harapan Island to Kelapa Island or vice versa, there is a reclaimed concrete and paving road built by the local government. The locals call this bonding facility a pond. Thanks to this facility, the people of Harapan Island / Kelapa Island no longer need to bother with sea routes. Often also many tourists who visit Kelapa Island after Harapan Island or vice versa using road access by foot.

Tips for Fun and Safe Travel on Harapan Island
Of course, you want to spend the day where you are at one with nature. Harapan Island is perfect for a moment to forget your daily activities. If you want your trip to be fun and safe, try the following tips.
Go with more or less budget
If you have more budget, you can start the journey from Marina Ancol port. There is a speedboat that will take you very easily, safely, comfortably and of course faster. However, if you are looking for a budget trip, you should start from Muara Angke. However, this particular port is not suitable for tourists who like to fuss or complain because this port is a fresh fish market, so it is very dirty, smelly and uncomfortable.

Buy tickets from local travel agents

There are several travel agents on Harapan Island that you can work with. Travel agents are important so that you can get complete information, from finding the right boat to planning a trip that fits your itinerary in Harapan Island.

Also, most of the ships in the port don’t ship to Harapan Island but to other more famous islands like Pramuka Island, Bidadari Island, Pari Island, etc.

Don’t forget the FPS

Don’t forget to use SPF. You will arrive at Harapan Island in the afternoon. If you’re short on time, make time for a swim during the day. Likewise when you want to sunbathe or just play on the beach. The weather for vacationing or traveling on Harapan Island is indeed during the dry season but the sun is quite hot. Therefore, remember to bring and wear SPF.

Boat rental

Renting a traditional wooden boat really helps you explore the island, taking you to snorkeling and diving areas or places to tour the island or even catch the sunset after noon. The rental fee is also cheap, especially if you are a group. This traditional boat can even accommodate up to 10 to 15 people. Of course with the ideal body weight.

Enjoy snorkeling and diving at your leisure

It can be said that the main island of Harapan tourism is snorkeling and diving because the underwater scenery is perfect and looks like paradise. The colorful small fish seem happy to live and play in the coral reefs with various shapes and colors. You can even take underwater pictures while snorkeling or diving.

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Explore the surrounding island

Don’t forget to explore the neighboring island of Harapan Island. Hope Island tourism will not be complete if you don’t explore Sepa Island and Bira Island, including Pelangi Island, there are also resort islands which are perfect for a vacation. You can go around the island using a traditional boat. If possible, try to get off and set foot on the island.

Hunting at sunset and sunrise

It’s not complete if you go on vacation to the beach but don’t catch the sunset and sunrise. Hunting sunset and sunrise can be done by using a traditional boat. You can catch the sunset after snorkeling and diving or cycling in the afternoon.

As for hunting at sunrise, of course you have to get up early around after Fajr time because at 6 in the morning the sun starts to appear.
Hope Island Tours gives you the opportunity to do many things whether in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Indeed, the evening is a great time to BBQ with friends or family. Holidays on Hope Island will never be forgotten.

Things to Do in Hope Island

This tourist island is located near several other small islands such as Putri Island, Bira Island, Bulat Island, Perak Island, Tiger Island, Tile Island and Kayu Angin Island. Tour and travel services that offer holiday packages to this tourist island always insert an exciting tour program, namely the island of hope by boat or around this mostly uninhabited island.

There are even service providers who organize additional tours to see the Komodo dragons.

In addition, Harapan Island also offers beautiful snorkeling spots that are a shame to miss. You can feel the sensation of swimming with colorful small fish, watching colorful coral reefs up close and being photographed with an underwater camera to upload to your social media accounts. Try to see how many likes you can get.

After being tired of playing water or snorkeling all day, it’s time for a culinary tour of Harapan Island with special dishes which are usually made from fresh seafood such as fish, squid, shellfish, etc.

The people of the Thousand Islands also preserve local wisdom in the form of traditional culinary arts with ancient recipes such as otak-otak, laksa and traditional cakes which usually taste sweet made of rice flour, coconut and lots of brown sugar.

In the afternoon before you return to the capital, sightseeing and travel services often host a barbecue on the beach to the sound of the waves crashing and the sparkling stars in the sky. Before leaving, don’t forget to buy souvenirs from the shops around the pier.

Happy holiday to Hope Island.