Bidadari Island and Ayer Island Tours are the Right Choice For Those ofYou Who Like the Outdoors

If you are stuck between office work or even Jakarta’s traffic jams and life in Jakarta, going to the Thousand Islands is the right place to visit. There are many beautiful and natural places that offer tranquility and are even equipped with complete and luxurious facilities such as Bidadari Island tours.

P Bidadari is a resort island, which means it can be rented. That’s why this island is perfect if you and your extended family want a luxurious vacation.

Special Vacation on Bidadari Island Tourism

Bidadari Island is the closest resort island to Jakarta. Bidadari Island can be reached in 20 minutes by speedboat via Marina Ancol, because the distance is only about 15 km. This island is really very special.

Bidadari Island Tour offers an elegant and special vacation. This island has cottages built under the shade of trees with a calm and comfortable atmosphere that will give you a truly peaceful holiday feeling.

You will find 49 cottages in Pulo Bidadari. This island also has 2 meeting places which are usually used by companies/organizations that rent out this island to hold certain events such as outings, training, outings for family reunions.

Apart from meeting places, there are also cafes, restaurants and bars. The island has a lot to offer, and its close proximity to Jakarta makes P Bidadari the perfect getaway destination for company employees, extended families, communities and organizations.

P. Bidadari’s visit was indeed very entertaining. However, this cozy place has a minimal number of tourists. In other words, if an individual or several people, will not be allowed to enter.

Therefore, most of those who rent this island are business people, offices, extended families, organizations, communities, etc. So if you are planning to vacation on this island, you have a number of people allowed to rent this island.

Beauty and Tourism Facilities of Bidadari Island

If asked, what is the most interesting thing about Bidadari Island? The answers are many. But most importantly the place is very comfortable and very peaceful, so it is very suitable to unwind from Jakarta. In addition, a stronger bond will be formed whether those who come here are company employees or large families because there are many activities that can be done together, including outbound or training.

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Bidadari Island Tourism offers a natural environment that is green, beautiful, fresh and still very natural with conditions that are maintained or maintained.

The combination of the green of nature and the clear blue of the sea and the visible seabed with majestic coral reefs, Bidadari Island offers a very beautiful and serene atmosphere.

Moreover, every type of holiday activity on this island is also supported by complete facilities such as Manado ethnic-style accommodation with the concept or atmosphere of a fishing village but still chic. Well, in general, the various facilities offered by Bidadari Island Tour are very numerous and very conducive for group activities. Here are some of the complete installations.

  • billiards
  • Cottage (with Deluxe, Family and Suite types)
  • Dutch Fort Martello Castle
  • Karaoke room
  • Meeting/reception room
  • Restaurant
  • Souvenir shop
  • Table tennis
  • Traditional Fun Games Equipment (Traditional Fun Games or Playground Equipment)
  • Beach volleyball
  • Water sports (additional charge)

All of the complete facilities above are provided specifically for visitors who can afford to rent this beautiful island or employees who are on company vacation to this island.

This is why a holiday on this island is so special. If you have more budget, you can even rent upscale hostels or chalets with comfortable and luxurious rooms.

Do not forget that this island also offers extraordinary views, including beaches with very clear water, allowing visitors to Pulo Bidadari tourism to snorkel. You can also enjoy a beautiful and romantic sunset in the afternoon, including the sunrise that bursts with warm golden colors in the morning.

Ayer Island thousand islands

Spending a few days on vacation in the Thousand Islands can be the right choice because there are so many beautiful islands that are still beautiful and natural. However, if you want the best, most beautiful, cleanest and exclusive island, Ayer Island tour is the answer.

This island is widely known as the most beautiful island in the Thousand Islands, therefore this island is highly recommended.

Ayer Island Thousand Islands Tour

Have you dreamed of a vacation to the Maldives but had to put it off because you didn’t have enough savings? If so, as an experiment, you can try Ayer Island first, which is easy to reach from the capital city. It only takes about 20 minutes to reach the Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta Province. Check out the reviews!

Anyer Island is located about 15-20 minutes from Ancol Marina Harbor or the second closest to Jakarta after Bidadari Island. There are many things that make this island very special to visit.

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Use these tips to make sure your visit to Pulau Ayer is memorable and makes you feel like you’re in a beauty paradise. Here are tips that you can do.

Overview of Ayer Island

The tourist island of Ayer is located in the northern part of the capital city of Jakarta, often called the pearl of the archipelago because of its beauty. The area is only 10 hectares and access to this island can only be done by speedboat from the Marina Ancol pier because the management of this resort island is indeed under Ancol.

Visitors only need to buy an excursion voucher with a duration that you can choose, a day trip (a full day’s vacation without an overnight stay) or a stay for several days.

This island was once the resting place of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno and has also been visited by the President of Yugoslavia and the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Arriving there, tourists will immediately be treated to a welcome drink in the form of fresh juice. Please note that this tourist island is a tourist place, so it is not a resident island like Tidung Island or Pari Island. Because the plan is for a vacation, you can find quite complete tourist facilities, namely:

Floating hut instead of land hut

The floating cottages on this island are the ones that most remind us of the Maldives, even though they have a touch of Papuan ethnicity, including the names, namely Serui, Fakfak, Ayamaru, and others.

Spending the night at this lodge really creates a feeling of its own as you will hear the sound of the waves crashing all the time and the view of the blue sea. In the morning you can also watch the sunset from this special place.

There are two options for choosing accommodation. If you dare to live including sleeping in a chalet that is built on the water (only 3 meters from the water surface), then a floating chalet is the right choice. There are many activities that can be done from this chalet, from just enjoying the scenery to fishing. In fact, enjoying dinner at this cottage is very different.

Ayer Island Tours also offer land huts or above ground huts. If you are not brave, you can choose this hostel. Relax, the hostel is also clean, beautiful, and the changing rooms are also very nice and fresh.

Very different from the atmosphere of Jakarta. Therefore, if you don’t dare to go to a floating chalet, a land chalet can be the best choice. But if you dare, then choose a floating cottage because the atmosphere is very different.

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Swimming pool

Around the beach there is also a medium-sized swimming pool equipped with a slide which will surely attract children’s interest. Although not too wide, this pool is quite ideal for cooling the body.


For those of you who plan to hold office meetings or other events, there is an outdoor area by the pool and a small stage called the Ojar Stage. If the number of participants is not too large, this room is sufficient.


No need to worry that your little one will be bored when you take him on vacation to this place because on Ayer Island there is also a playground for them. Even more exciting, there is a large sand arena where the children will feel at home.

Swivel bench

In several places on the beach, managers install wooden swings as a place to watch the sunset for visitors or just relax while enjoying the sea view. beach.

Basketball and volleyball court For sports lovers, you don’t need to worry because here you can still carry out your routine habits. On this island there are sports facilities in the form of volleyball and basketball courts that you can use for free

Marine sports

There are many water sports that can be done here, you can play with friends to make it more exciting. Of course this will make the holiday even more enjoyable. You can spend all day doing water sports. Don’t miss it.

There are three types of water sports that you can try on this island, namely jet ski racing at a rate of 375,000 per 15 minutes, banana boat at the same rate for two rounds and canoeing at a rental rate of only 30,000 per 15 minutes. In addition, you can also rent fishing equipment for 30,000 for a full day and bicycles for 50,000 also for a full day.

More fun activities

Many exciting activities can be done on Ayer Island such as fishing at the fishing pier, swimming in the pool, karaoke, cycling around Ayer Island or sightseeing and many more. Everything is complete here.

Therefore, when you plan to go to Ayer Island, you should prepare yourself for a few days and stay in a floating cabin for a few nights. Don’t forget to enjoy the barbecue fun at night. Of course, a vacation on the island of Ayer is very fun and memorable.