Souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta are found in tourist spots

Have you compiled a list of typical Yogyakarta souvenirs that can be found during the holiday season? Vacations in this cultural city are indeed a project for many people. Big families, from workers to school children all want cheap Jogja Tours

Indeed, this city has always held the hearts of the Indonesian people. For Indonesians, Yogyakarta is not just a city. Yogyakarta is a symbol of human civilization from various ages. Not only domestic tourists who make it a vacation destination.

Many tourists from abroad take the time to visit Yogyakarta. They don’t just go around town. Some tourists deliberately come here to buy souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta.

Especially the souvenirs that are sold in some tourist spots. While enjoying a beach vacation, tourists also don’t forget gifts for families.

Consciously or not, the souvenirs sold at tourist attractions in Yogyakarta taste high. Even some special souvenirs are produced for local and foreign tourists.

The taste is also made in such a way to suit the language of foreign tourists. For those of you who like shopping, it is highly recommended to choose this souvenir.

Bakpia Yogyakarta Souvenirs

For those who like to travel to Jogjakarta, of course you know what this souvenir is. Yes, bakpia is one of Yogyakarta’s favorite souvenirs. The fame of this snack has reached the ears of foreign tourists. So do not be surprised if many tourists who buy it in large quantities to be brought back to their home country.

Basically, these typical Yogyakarta souvenirs are like bread. Bakpia itself has a short stature. Bakpia can be eaten at once.

This is what makes Bakpia Yogyakarta the choice of many people. Its small size is suitable as a morning or afternoon snack.

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Bakpia is synonymous with snacks in the form of sandwiches. This cake is made from a special wheat flour dough. Meanwhile, the content itself varies.

Interestingly, in the past, the contents of bakpia were only cooked and roasted with green beans. However, don’t despair just yet. Because at that time the contents of bakpia varied with different flavors.

Souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta have flavors such as chocolate, green beans, durian, strawberry, and many more. This flavor variant is a development of bakpia in ancient times. However, did you know that bakpia is closely related to Chinese culture. In the past, the filling was dominated by pork.

Where can you get bakpia? Don’t worry because these souvenirs are widely sold in all tourist attractions. Starting from beach attractions such as Parang Tritis or Paran Kusumo. As you walk around town, you will find it easier to get bakpia. Especially if you are on vacation in Malioboro.

Yangko Yogyakarta Souvenirs

A vacation to Yogyakarta is not complete before buying a souvenir called yangko. You can add this Yogyakarta traditional snack to the list. Because apart from the affordable price, the taste of Yangko is quite unique. True to its unique name, yangko also has an interesting shape.

This typical Yogyakarta souvenir can actually be called moci cake. For the people of Yogyakarta, yangko is their traditional moci cake. Yangko itself is shaped like a moci cake in general. This snack is often sold in gift shops. Not only that, Yangko is also sold with different flavors in each variant.

Yangko snacks are made from glutinous rice flour. That’s what makes it like moci cake. The resulting yangko texture is very chewy. While the contents are chopped nuts. How about the taste? The taste of yangko is generally light and legit, like the moci cakes that are widely sold in other areas.

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The display of typical Yogyakarta souvenirs is very attractive from the outside. The shape is checkered and decorated with beautiful colors.

Currently, yangko is produced in a variety of colors. This is done to attract the attention of visitors who buy it. The top of the yangko is usually dusted with flour.

A box of yangko usually consists of 30 pieces of various flavors. In Yogyakarta, yangko is sold under various brands. The production of the first generation of yangko in Yogyakarta has been around since 1921. You can find this yangko all over the city of Yogyakarta.

Souvenirs of Salak Pondoh Yogyakarta

One more souvenir that many people who are vacationing in Yogyakarta are looking for. The typical souvenir of Yogyakarta is the salak hut. The name salak pondoh has long been an inevitable memory. Every year salak pondok is never forgotten by tourists visiting the city of Yogyakarta.

In fact, if you pay close attention, salak fruit can be purchased in many other cities. However, salak pondoh remains a favorite for travelers.

Especially for travelers who bring their extended family during their vacation in Yogyakarta. Salak pondoh can be a fruit and a snack when you are in a hotel or hostel.

The price of salak pondoh is usually very affordable. Therefore, anyone can buy it in large quantities. On the other hand, salak pondoh is also a fruit that does not rot easily during transportation. So that long trips are not a problem if you make it a memory of choice.

This typical Yogyakarta souvenir grows in several places. For example Magelang, Sleman and Muntilan. Indeed, these places are the most suitable places for the cultivation of salak cottages because the soil there is fertile.

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Salak pondoh has a characteristic in terms of meat quality. The flesh of salak pondoh is white in color and tastes sweet and fresh.

Since it’s not bitter in taste, you’ll want to eat a lot of it. One of the tourist attractions in salak pondoh is Gandung village. The location is in Bangunkerto, Sleman, Yogayakarta. This area consists of land with an area of ​​27 hectares. Interestingly, it is also equipped with a children’s play area.

Yogyakarta Geplak Souvenirs

Another typical Yogyakarta souvenir that is often found in tourist attractions is geplak. This snack has long been a mainstay of many people’s memories.

Your vacation will feel less than perfect before you buy it for your family back home. Because geplak is very thick with tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

Geplak has been around for hundreds of years. Now the taste varies according to the tastes of people who visit Jogjakarta. Sweet is the most common geplak taste. Indeed, basically the main taste of geplak is sweet. Geplak itself is made from grated coconut meat.

Finely grated coconut meat is then cooked and added to the sugar mixture. The colors are varied and tend to be bright and generally attract buyers among tourists.

Geplak is usually delicious juxtaposed with other snacks. You can find this snack in tourist spots on the beach and throughout the city of Yogyakarta.

So, the above souvenirs are highly recommended for many reasons. Starting from the distinctive taste, unique shape, beautiful color and easy to get. All of the snacks above are souvenirs that can be found in various tourist attractions such as the beach and the city center. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta.