The End of the Year Cheap Tourism in Gunung Kidul is a bone of contention

The end of the year is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap Gunung Kidul tours. Yes, Gunung Kidul is one of the DIY districts. The center of government itself is in Wonosari Regency. Although the population density is low, Gunung Kidul has many tourist attractions in Jogja that are a pity to miss.

Since the end of the year, many tourist sites have been evicted. Including a visit to Gunung Kidul. Because it has interesting tourist attractions, it is always included in the list of many people’s destinations.

Especially for those who like to find cheap tourist spots. Gunung Kidul could be an alternative.

Why Gunung Kidul? The reason is, this place has many of the best DIY tourist attractions. In addition, reaching various places in Gunung Kidul is not difficult.

So the cost is not too expensive. This is why the name became a cheap tour of Gunung Kidul.

The low price of tourism in Gunung Kidul is not only due to its easy-to-reach location. Cheap here can be interpreted in many ways. For example, the location of a tourist spot with other tourist attractions is not too far apart.

Even some beaches are connected in one line. This is certainly very beneficial for tourists who want to save money.

Tourist attractions in the Gunung Kidul area can also be visited without the frills of expensive tickets. That’s what makes travel cheap. At certain times, tourists only need to pay for parking to visit 12 beaches in Gunung Kidul.

So which tourist attractions are located in Gunung Kidul and become the target of travelers at the end of the year?

Tourism Gunung Kidul – Jomblang Cave

Have you ever imagined breaking into a very dark underground cave? The best way to do this is to visit Jomblang Cave. If you see it a lot on TV, now is the time to go on a hands-on adventure. The dark underground hall exposed to the sun adds to the charm of Jomblang Cave.

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Did you know that Jomblang Cave is located in a mountainous area from Gombong to Pacitan. This cave is famous for its beauty. That place also has something to do with the Sewu Mountains.

Judging from its geographical location, Jomblang Cave is located in the range of the Gombong area from Central Java to Pacitan, East Java.

This cheap Gunung Kidul tour is said to have been around for hundreds of years. The shape is produced from the soil that sinks to the bottom of the earth. In the past, the movement of the earth started from a vertical cave. To enjoy the natural beauty of the cave, caving techniques are needed. It’s a bit extreme but it will be an amazing experience.

Tourists must descend to the depths of the cave using ropes. This is indeed a boring technique. But your efforts will be rewarded once you are in the cave.

For first-time travelers, several special routes are available. For example, the choice of paths up to a depth of 20 meters.

Meanwhile, for those who have visited this cheap tourist spot in Gunung Kidul, it may be a difficult route. For example, courses descend to a depth of 40 to 60 meters. For those who really like tough challenges, extreme paths that can reach 80 meters are also planned.

Gunung Kidul Tourism Pindul Cave

Talking about tourism can not be separated from the tourist attractions of Goa Pindul. Yes, this time there are tourist attractions that have long been popular in Gunung Kidul. Its beauty still attracts visitors. Especially at the end of the year, Pindul Cave is always the choice of many people.

When going to Pindul Cave, visitors are usually asked to pass through a very long hallway. Unmitigated the length of the cave passage can reach 300 meters.

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Along the cheap tourist attractions of Gunung Kidul there are views of stalactites. Surprisingly, these stalactites are among the largest in the world.

The most popular activity in Pindul Cave is white water rafting. This activity is carried out by walking along the river in Pindul Cave.

White water rafting is also facilitated by the existence of an inflatable boat that has been provided by the manager. The river in the cave seems to be the main purpose of the visit.

Every tourist who wants to go rafting is usually equipped with complete equipment. There are also experienced guides. Not only adults who make it a favorite place at the end of the year.

Children can also take part in activities in the cave with the help of a cheap tour guide from Gunung Kidul.

The tour group will put the tires first. Each tire is a person and is pulled using a rope so they don’t come off each other.

The most interesting thing about Pindul Cave is the difference in the names of the stalactites. Starting with a male stalactite that makes anyone say he’s magical. Until the so-called stalactive curtain.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall Tour

Have you ever heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona? The flow of this river in the United States is formed naturally. So you could say the scenery is very natural and beautiful. No wonder his popularity has been worldwide so far. However, do you have to go all the way to America to see it?

Don’t worry, to see its beauty, you only need to visit the Sri Gethuk Waterfall site. The panorama of this cheap tourist spot in Gunung Kidul is very similar to the Grand Canyon.

The waterfall reaches 50 meters. Meanwhile, the river flowing downwards split the surrounding cliffs.

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The hallmark of this waterfall is its abundant flow. This sensation can be felt when walking along the river to the waterfall. To be able to do so, visitors need a raft. Believe it or not, when the holiday season arrives, rented rafts are always packed with visitors.

If you don’t want to queue to rent a raft, you can always choose another alternative. Another way that can be used is walking.

To reach the cheap tourist attractions of Gunung Kidul, you need about 20-30 minutes. Visitors who choose this method must climb the stairs.

Watu Frog Beach Tour

Want to travel without spending a lot of money? The solution is a Watu Kodok beach vacation. This natural tourist spot is very suitable for people who like snorkeling and fishing.

The location itself is still one lane with another beach, namely Panjang. Although still new, Watu Kodok Beach is highly recommended.

This cheap Gunung Kidul tour has a very beautiful sandy beach. Not only that, the beach sand also blends with the presence of steep corals.

Of course this adds to the uniqueness of Watu Kodok Beach. These rocks can usually be seen immediately when the sea water has started to recede.

The color of the sea water looks blue when viewed from a distance. Who would have thought this beautiful beach is the result of local community management. It is even worth noting that the locals who manage the beach only have elementary school graduates.

At certain times on this beach there is also a jazz festival. The proceeds from the ticket are donated to support the beauty of the beach.

This is a cheap tourist spot in Gunung Kidul. Although cheap, the above tours have extraordinary charm. Its charm keeps people coming back again and again.

No exception during the holiday season. Without spending a lot of money, your vacation will be more enjoyable by visiting cheap tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul.