Yogyakarta Night Tour Has Its Own Charm and Attraction

Taking a night tour of Yogyakarta will definitely give a distinct impression for tourists. Because the visit will generally be from morning to evening. But in Jogja you can also do night tours which are no less interesting than traveling when the sun is hot. Lots of things to do at night.

Anyone wishing to return can visit Jogja, a popular city in Central Java and frequented by domestic and foreign tourists alike. Especially if you haven’t done a night tour, you will definitely feel something is missing. In Gudeg City, the view at night is no less interesting than during the day.

Because at night in this city, you can find unique and different things from visiting Jogja during the day. Not only presenting natural scenery such as beaches, mountains, cultural tourism, historical tourism and other natural attractions. Jogja offers many interesting tourist attractions to visit.

The city of Yogyakarta offers endless beauty. Even though the sun is setting, Jogja still offers its charm. The bustling city of Jogja even starts at night. It is unfortunate that tourists miss the night tour of Jogja. For those of you who want to have a night tour in Yogyakarta, there are many interesting tourist attractions that you can try.

Yogyakarta City Night Tour

Calm and peaceful is the hallmark of the city of Gudeg Jogjakarta. With an interesting cultural charm, making the city of Jogja always crowded with tourists. Especially when the holiday season arrives or on weekends. Not a few domestic, local and foreign tourists who come to enjoy the charm and beauty of the city of Jogja.

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It can be seen that when the weekend arrives, the tourist center of Jogja will be crowded with tourists. The souvenir and culinary center cannot be separated from sightseeing. The many historical and cultural heritages as well as the convenience of the city of Jogja make this city never empty of visitors. Even Yogyakarta night tour is also popular among tourists.

Doing night tours in Jogja is indeed very popular, because tourists want to feel a different nuance when traveling. For tourists who come to Jogja, it’s a shame if you don’t enjoy the beautiful charm of the city of Jogja at night. You can enjoy various exciting activities at night in Jogja.

The beautiful lights along the streets of Yogyakarta city create a romantic atmosphere. This also allows tourists to feel at home and linger in the city of Jogja. If you travel to the city of Jogja, you can use travel services or take your own tour. You can plan Yogyakarta night tourism destinations that must be visited.

Night tour option

There are many tourist attractions that are most visited by tourists at night. One of these tourist attractions is the point 0 km from Jogja. In this area you can find relics of Dutch colonial buildings which are often called Lojis. At night, the existing buildings are decorated with yellowish mercury lamps.

Gives a romantic impression. Jogja’s location at 0 km is also quite strategic. Thus, tourist attractions also function as a gathering place for tourists or artists. On this Yogyakarta night tour, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting attractions and activities offered by a number of young people who perform.

They dress up and disguise themselves using various characters such as bronze statues, ghosts, or even dancing people with unique props and costumes. You can enjoy the performances that are served while sitting relaxed on angkringan along the road and watching the speed of passing vehicles. Enjoy the night atmosphere in the city of Yogyakarta.

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You can enjoy typical Jogja snacks at quite affordable prices along the way. Indeed, on Jalan Malioboro this is a very famous place. Many tourists come to Jalan Malioboro when visiting the city of Yogyakarta. Even the night tour of Yogyakarta on Jalan Malioboro is also getting more and more crowded with tourists when the night gets late.

The Other Side of Jogja at Night

For those of you who are visiting the city of Jogja and want to do a night tour of Yogyakarta at Jogja tourist attractions, you can too. Some tourist attractions that are often visited by tourists in the morning or evening give a different impression at night. You can enjoy the beauty of tourist attractions at night.

Like the Tugu Return of Jogja or known as Monjali. This monument is in the form of a monument and also a museum of the history of the struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The location is on the northern ring road of Yogyakarta. In this monument there are not only historical archives, but at night you can see the romantic side.

In the courtyard of the Jogja Kembali monument, you will find a rainbow garden that provides a romantic atmosphere at night. You can find many lanterns in various shapes, which illuminate the place with colorful lights. Only in Monjali you can see the rainbow at night. It’s not a loss if you go on a night tour in Yogyakarta

Enjoy a romantic place, you can come with your family or loved ones. At Monjali Park, you can also enjoy various types of interesting rides that you can try. Your visit to the city of Jogja will be more enjoyable by visiting and doing night tours to unique and interesting places.

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Natural panorama of Yogyakarta city

If you want to enjoy other things in the city of Jogja at night, tourists can come to the Pinus Pengger forest which is located in the northernmost part of Jogja. The location of the pine forest is right on the border of Pathuk Gunung Kidul district. However, this Pine tourist spot is still in the Dlingo district area.

This tourist destination is one of Jogja’s night tourism destinations that is popular among young people. At this tourist location, tourists can find interesting photo spots in the form of Indian house-style houses with a central hole for visitors. Tourists can take photos in this Indian house hole and this Indian house is high.

From an Indian house, tourists can see the city of Yogyakarta from a high place with the city lights twinkling. This tourist spot is recommended for tourists who want to do an interesting night tour. In addition, you can also enjoy other tourist attractions, namely the Dahromo Heaven Gate. The location is also on Dahromo hill, Dlingo, Bantul.

Night attractions are no less interesting than the others. This place is a favorite photo spot in the form of a gate with a view of the city of Jogja. Other night attractions such as Bukit Bintang are also crowded with young people. There are still many Jogja night tours that you can visit if you visit.