Hunting for Horror Tourist Attractions in Indonesia is now an attraction for many people

Horror hunting tourism in Indonesia is now an attraction for many people. Moreover, Indonesia has long been known for its historical records.

From this story, many people can find various mysterious stories. Who would have thought that with this holiday activity, some people would actually be flooded with food.

Reviewing domestic tourism cannot be separated from its historical influence. Many new tourist attractions are created from the existence of civilization in the country.

For example, some tourist sites are synonymous with the kingdom. There are also tourist spots that look terrible because of an incident.

Amazingly, almost every city in Indonesia has mystical tourist attractions. Of course, this benefits a lot of people.

Especially for those who are curious about a place. To test your guts, you don’t even need to go abroad because Indonesia itself has many mysteries.

Horror tourism in Indonesia has never even stopped being discussed. This is also supported by the presence of horror films that are screened in the country. In addition, great curiosity drives some people to venture into lonely and mystical places.

Ready to hunt for mystical tourist spots in the country? Before visiting some places of horror, there is no harm in looking at the following rows of mystical tourist attractions. Who knows one of these spots is in your city. Or there’s one place you’ve never been before.

Lawang Sewu in Semarang

The name Lawang Sewu may already be familiar to Indonesians. Yes, indeed his name is legendary throughout the country. Almost every Indonesian knows Lawang Sewu as the guardian of horror tourism. This cannot be separated from the Lawang Sewu building itself.

Lawang Sewu has been named as one of the most popular horror tourist attractions in Indonesia. Lawang Sewu itself is an old building from the Dutch colonial heritage.

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The building looks great. However, behind its splendor, Lawang Sewu keeps a million mysteries that make you curious.

The Lawang Sewu building has a very unique architecture. Did you know that this magnificent building was built in a short time. It will take at least 3 years to build Lawang Sewu. As the name suggests, this building has a thousand doors.

Lawang Sewu is a horror tourist spot in Indonesia that always challenges the guts. The word Lawang comes from the Javanese language which means door. While Sewu is defined as the number one thousand.

So, Lawang Sewu refers to a building that has a thousand doors. So many doors, sometimes visitors are confused to distinguish the main door.

If you want to visit here, try going to the Tugu Muda Semarang complex. The location is precisely on Jalan Pemuda, Sekayu. There was a dark atmosphere in the building. Indeed, the building was a silent witness to the cruelty of Dutch colonialism. Many fighters were tortured inside the building.

Japanese Cave in Bandung

Interested in looking for exciting horror tourism spots in Indonesia? Goa Japan can be one of the recommended places. His name is very popular in the country. Even Goa in Japan is a difficult tourist spot for some people. His name is also always associated with mystical events.

Like most caves, this tourist location also has dark passages. The ground is also slippery, so tourists have to be extra careful.

The Japanese Cave is located in Juanda Forest Park, Bandung. Although in the form of two caves, this place has a mystical atmosphere.

When you enter you feel like you are shooting a horror movie. Moreover, there are many stories circulating in the surrounding community which say that mystical things often happen in the cave location. Mysterious cries were often heard in the cave. Even some of the visitors heard the groans.

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It is said that this horror tourist spot in Indonesia also often reveals mysterious shadows. This is inseparable from the Japanese cave myth.

This cave is said to be the grave of forced laborers who died tragically during the colonial period. Although it looks terrible, but until now the Japanese Cave is still crowded with visitors.

Visitors who come are also asked to follow all the rules. For example, do not litter in and around the cave. Tourists are also prohibited from making noise in the cave. It is even forbidden to say the word pepper in Japanese cave areas.

Crocodile Hole in Kalibata

The name Lubang Buaya sounds familiar to the people of Jakarta. The name of this horror tourist spot in Indonesia has been popular for a long time. Even his name is often mentioned when commemorating G30S-PKI Day. This place is a silent witness to the country’s heroes being tortured and thrown into a pit.

Not only that, Lubang Buaya also became a training ground for PKI members. The location itself is in the Cipayung area, east of Jakarta.

Before the fighters were exiled here, Lubang Buaya had been a place of torture for the great generals of this country. How is the condition of the place today?

Now the place is always well maintained. In this area there is a field that is used as a memorial to Lubang Buaya. This is where the Pancasila monument is located.

And the horror side? Some people are said to have heard cries of pain. The sound came from the hole where the corpse was thrown.

From morning to evening, Cost Hole does not feel haunted. However, at night, the atmosphere of horror is more pronounced. Every day there are always visitors who come here.

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Horror tourism in Indonesia can be a reference for those of you who don’t know how to find horror places. Besides testing your courage, you can also remember the struggles of the heroes here.

South Beach of Yogyakarta

Confused looking for tourist attractions that are famous for horror? Don’t worry because in Yogyakarta you can find phenomenal tourist attractions. The place is South Beach.

Yes, this beach is located along the southern route of the island of Java. That said, many myths have sprung up from the South Coast. Including Parang Tritis Beach in Yogyakarta.

For the Javanese people, the myth of the existence of guards on the south coast is not new. Even the myth has been legendary for hundreds of years.

This beach is famous for its very large waves at certain times. Besides Parang Tritis, there is Pengandaran Beach which is the center of horror tourism spots in Indonesia.

Even visitors who are considered breaking the rules will wreak havoc on the beach. The figure of the Queen of the South Coast is always associated with many events that occur in her territory.

According to the legend of the land of Java, this mysterious figure is the guard of the southern coast of Java. This story is even passed down to this day.

Well, that’s the various famous horror tours in the country. The existence of these horror spots is proof that these places still have charm in the eyes of many people.

Apart from the mystical history, visitors can still feel the nuances of tourism when visiting this horror tourist spot in Indonesia.